Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is my face red?

How embarrassing ... Last night as I was cleaning up my studio I found step #4 of Franks Serrano's Step by Step under some paperwork on my desk. I didn't remember seeing it before.  I was happy to see it yet since I had already posted the photo of what I thought was finished I was a little embarrassed.  Oh well, what to do but attempt to make it more finished.

I stayed up and worked a little more on it as well as some this morning, but, I'm stopping now.  Too much sticky paint.

I wish it would have been my photo reference so I'd 'know' what I was looking at in Franks demo.  Even though I am not sure of all the detail I do think it looks better since I worked on it more.

8" x 8" on paper

This photo of Franks finished work shows what the painting was suppose to look like.


  1. It looks great Nancy. :) I can see the resemblance.

  2. Looks quite similar to me, and remember, you are still learning to paint in oils.

  3. You did a great job! Bravo!

  4. Thanks so much Crystal,Deb and Celeste. I'm really enjoying this journey.

  5. Anonymous10:39 AM

    A great job Nancy, I love your contrasts! I don't think the painting is "supposed to look like" anything, except your own interpretation, which is what you did...brava!

  6. Wow, you have been hard at work and getting some wonderful results. Bravo! It's all about the passion!