Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Frank Serrano Step by Step

I should have been working on Exercise #17 of Charles Sovek's book Oil Painting Develop Your Natural Ability today, especially since we are finished with the house painting, but in #17 he wants you to have a person pose for you while you paint the person sitting and the shadow predominates so only a third of the figure is in light.  So, maybe in a day or so when we have sun and I can get the poser to nap sit for me while I paint.

Meanwhile, I remembered I still had one more Frank Serrano Step by Step I had saved. (I think I found these on American Artist web-site some time ago)
You can see the first Frank Serrano step by step I did here.

Oil on paper ~ aprox. 8" x 8"

I would rather have painted a scene of the Northwest, but it was still nice to get my brush in the oils again an try to think shapes as I attempted to read what he suggested in steps 1, 2 and 3.  

As I was painting I was thinking it didn't have enough detail, but now that I'm finished I think it has just the right amount of detail, especially since the title of his lessons were How to Paint en Plein Air: Beginner Landscape Oil Painting.

The top photograph is my take on Frank's Lesson 2:  Conveying Time of Day.  The second is the photo of his finished lesson.

Can you tell what time of day it is suppose to be?  You may find it easier to guess by looking at Frank's finished painting, but it was tough for me to tell.  All in all I'm happy with this one.  Not perfect, but still pretty good.   What do you think?


  1. Looks great, what a fun way to practice technique. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nancy, I really like your take on this beach scene. As for the time of day...His reads, because of the orange sphere low in the sky, to be late evening or dusk. Your colors are brighter and show light so I would put yours in at late morning. Just know I am learning as i watch you learn. Thank you for that.