Monday, September 27, 2010

Studio update

I thought it was time I updated you on my studio. A little over a year ago I came up with a few ideas that has really helped keep my space organized. I had a few of these storage bins but they were more or less just in the way. Then I decided to purchase more and store my art supplies in them in a way thatI could tell what was in each one and still give them a look of being organized. By lining them up along a wall (this wall is a sloping wall) and placing a label in the front of each bin I can tell what is in each one. I also can use the top of these storage bins for items that I might want to use immediately and since this wall is sloping I can use the space behind for large sheets of mat board, easel ... things I don't use everyday.

In the second photo I used an sheet to cover up items that I store under this table. Nothing fancy, but it works to keep it looking neat and tidy. It was an easy solution with some hot glue.
You can see some photos of the messy unorganized 'before' space by looking here and here .

If you click on the photo's you can probably read how I have the bins labeled. The row on the left is labeled "Misc. #1, #2 and #3 from top to bottom", the next bin in the center "Bazaar #1" and on the far right "Bazaar #2".... Now, those labels are funny, BAZAAR..... but I was just finishing up selling at a local Bazaar and so it sounded appropriate. Now it just seems bazaar! When I do sell at a Farmers Market, a holiday bazaar etc. I just pack both bins and I'm ready to go. I have two bins labeled "Frames #1" and Frames #2" that holds nothing but small frames. One bin "Oils" and one "Other Mediums".

Maybe you can use these storage ideas ... better yet, share with us some storage ideas you've used.


  1. Great ideas Nancy! I have a large metal cabinet w/shelves, 2 file cabinets and a small metal cabinet with drawers to store all my supplies. Different schools were discarding them (at different times) so I picked them up and they work just fine for me.

  2. I see you also took your time on studio organization! But now that you are a pro - how soon can you get here - I need help!!!

  3. wow! I'm totally blown away -- THIS IS beautiful!!