Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Is there hope?

You won't believe what happened... Last night I was sitting down at my computer thinking I'd do what Toni suggested. That is, play with my blog layout designs. Get comfortable with them. Oh My Gosh ! With-in two minutes I had completely changed my blog, losing my original template layout (yes, I did save the original template). What a shock. My all white blog was completely black. I about fainted. Deep breath, calm down, see if you can't get this under control. Finally I was able to get it to what you see now... white. I'm feeling better now. I'm still not sure how to do a few things, but before I beg for more help, I'm going to see if I can't resolve some of the issues myself.

Lets leave the blog issues for a minute and go on to some (non) painting issues:
  • I now have my seal drawing on my watercolor paper.
  • All whites have been masked out.
  • Now I can't go any further... A classic case of 'white paper fright' !

So in attempt to get past the white paper issue I've done a value pencil sketch of two Oystercatchers. Also, a color sketch. Just trying to move on to something other than the large seal painting. I figure I can fool myself into thinking none of the work is really important. Pathetic logic I know.

So, what do you think is there hope for me and my blog ...


  1. Hi Nancy! I nearly lost my blog the other day - and I had saved the template and couldn't get it to load! All came out okay in the end though.
    Most of the changes I make come through pulling around the different "widgets" when I'm in the layout mode off the blogger dashboard. Blogger has lots of tutorials so you should be able to figure out how to do what you want!

  2. Thanks Angela. Whew, the things that will give a girl a start... I'm such a baby with the tech-y stuff, most everything is earth shattering to me *giggle. It is comforting to know others go through some of this stuff also.

  3. The blog looks good! Do you follow mine? You must I always get comments from you. Do you know what the oyster catchers eat? Do you like oysters? My husband eats the same ones the oyster catchers are eating. Yuck. I don't like oysters.

  4. Maeona.... Yup, oystercatchers eat oysters..... and other good stuff including urchins. Those bills (and their necks) must be as tough as the woodpeckers neck and bills. I do like oysters as well as crab, clams shrimp..... yum.

    Yes, I followed your blog through rss feed.

  5. Nancy it looks all there so far. Take a deep breath and just start with moving the widget elements around to where you want them. Then you can add more if you wish or change the colors and background.

    Let me know if you need help.

  6. Nancy - you have my empathy - I'm terrified to change things for fear of losing it all - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"! Good luck!