Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday's watercolor sketch: contour hydrangea

1.2.09 Hydrangea Contour Sketch- Nancy Van Blaricom
It was a beautiful sunny day here today yet still this morning a little cool at 38 degrees. With the sun shinning I wanted to sketch this hydrangea plant someone had recently given us. I did this contour drawing in my Aquabee 6" x 9" sketchbook using my Noodler's Ink and Lamy Safari pen and finished with some watercolor washes. Although I didn't see any pink in the blossoms I found I kept wanting add some to the white petals I saw. What I did see was GREEN. The leaves were a variety of greens, the cellophane around the plant was clear with some green swirls and the white blossoms had an occasional green flower petal. I think it would be wise for me to make some green color charts so that I can reproduce the greens I see.


  1. Nancy do you mix your greens or do you buy greens? I love mixing mine from a variety of blues and yellows.
    I feel I can get quite a range with just two colors.

    Lovely contour drawing. I always find them fascinating but have never tried one yet.

  2. It must be flower time for us bloggers --!! This is wonderful and fresh, Nancy -- ready for giving us a spring lift!

  3. "Noodler's Ink and Lamy Safari pen" - these sound very exotic or maybe the company's marketing pros were hungry at the time they named their products?? ;)

    I love the combo of drawn lines and paint - very nice, Nancy!!

  4. Very nice and spring-like. Perked me up on another gray, snowy day here!

  5. Thank's Toni. You really should try contour drawing. Either pure contour or modified contour are fun after you get use to doing them for a while. Another one of my ways to loosen up. I seem to do both with my greens. Sometimes, depending on whats on my palette. The palette I used here was a sketch palette that has some half pan greens on it and I add other pigments to those to achieve some sort of green. I really need to do some color charts to get use to using greens.

    Lin, thank you. Seems a lot of us are thinking along these lines huh... too much winter I guess for most of us.

    Cynthia, isn't that the truth... where do they come up with these names? Glad you like the paint and ink look, thank you.

    Deb, thank you. Don't you agree that its time for us all to be rid of the harsh winter we've had? Geesh, I call uncle.