Sunday, February 08, 2009

The last of the sketches ....

Contour sketch 2-5-09 for awhile that is. I did these two pages in my sketchbook on the 5th of this month. This time I had added some line shading to a couple on this first page and some watercolor to this second page, the sketch below.
Contour sketch 2-5-09 Sketch of my husbands feet on the reliner - as he naps
Working from Charles Reid's book still, I am now into the section were some measuring is suggested. As I start measuring I think that will make my sketches more recognizable. Still, even in these latest sketches I notice that I'm not taking my time when I sketch, as I would normally. True contour drawing, where the artist focuses on the outline of the model and not taking their eyes off the subject ... convinced that the pencil is touching the subject you are looking at, is different than what I'm trying to do here. I am doing modified contour drawing where I glance at the drawing at intervals noting relationships of sizes lengths ... and angles.
Lin had asked in my last post, "how do you turn off your 'it's wrong' mind???!! ". Wonderful question Lin. After my first modified contour sketch, I was thinking 'I recognize this, but as far as looking like the subject, it looks like a 2nd grader sketched it (no offence to those 2nd graders), then, almost in the same breath I said....... that's what this work is all about, learning to see and draw with out getting the proportion's perfect. Exact proportions would defeat the purpose of me doing the contour drawings. The contour drawing should add life, excitement and joy to my work. Hope this helps Lin. I guess it's just my personal journey at this time, *wink.
Just noticed that where I've placed the date of the sketch in the top photo, I wrote 2-5-08. Geesh, it's a little late for me to still be hooked on 2008 isn't it?


  1. Your contours are really nice - don't you just love Charles Reid's books? He really teaches me something every time I open one.

  2. This is great - I love the look of your sketches. Fantastic eye - what to draw and what to leave out....