Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Contour sketch

This time I found my prop in the pantry. I chose this Folgers Instant Coffee jar because of the bright recognizable container . To keep this from getting too serious I decided to do this sketch standing up with the sketchbook in one hand and my pen in the other hand. I didn't spend time with measurements. I wanted to get down some lines, keeping my pen on the paper as much as possible and not trying to make this a "correct" drawing, yet, as Charles Reid says, make it an expressive drawing. I think while it may not be accurate I've accomplished what I set out to do.

I find contour drawing so freeing. In researching contour drawing the other day in my art books I didn't want to sit down and work in my Nicolaides - The Natural Way to Draw book or my Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain or my Key's to Drawing book .... but I did remember seeing in my books by Charles Reid's his wonderful contour drawing approach. A year ago or maybe two now I purchased his "Pulling Your Paintings Together" . In the beginning on page 9 he says "When you do a contour drawing, you must think of your pen or pencil as being on the model, not the paper. You must concentrate totally on the model, the drawing itself, good or bad, doesn't matter. This doesn't mean that you're slashing about with your pencil. On the contrary, you're working slowly, with great care, totally absorbed in your subject. For once this communion is gone, you will never have more than a passable drawing." "In contour drawing, it's also important to attach the subject to background shapes with out explaining all the subjects boundaries. " In this sketch above, I decided afterward to show some magazines and binders that were on the table .. as well as the edge of the table. All too late I think. I'll take note and try to remember this in future contour drawings.
For now, I am thinking I'll work through this book. Maybe you can expect a book review in the future.
I have a lot of trouble getting my scans to show the light colors in my sketches and watercolor paintings. For instance, the light shadows past the shadow you do see ... I've tried just about every thing I can think of. Do any of you have this trouble?


  1. Thanks Shea, I so appreciate that. I'm really enjoying myself this year with my "no pressure" attitude toward my art.... so far that is.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I always love looking at you drawings and paintings.
    Makes me feel happy.

  3. Thank you Vickie, some of it may be the bright colors, huh? I think they just to go with contour drawing.