Thursday, December 05, 2013

Research Vessel, 16" x 20"

Research Vessel, 16" . 20", oil on stretched canvas, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

Living near the shoreline in south puget sound I see a lot of different boats traveling through these waters.  This particular boat was owned by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and they were just heading out to do some research on the six gill shark.  

Have you ever heard of a six gill shark?  It was new to us.  Read more about it through the link above.

Some thoughts on this painting:

I am very pleased that I was able to keep this painting like the vision I had for it.. When I started this one I wanted to make sure and keep the trees and bushes in the background.  Keeping their edges soft and not hard or sharp keeps them less in the focus of the painting.  That part of the painting basically painted itself.

Also, I was pleased that I managed to do some editing in my reference photo, eliminating a house that was in the background as well as editing the shoreline adding some boulders to the shore.

I felt while painting this one I achieved some  growth … and when that happens I am encouraged to start another painting.


  1. I love this painting Nancy!!! So many things l like about it...the subtle colors and faint stream of smoke wafting across the canvas. It is beautiful! You are lucky to have such great inspiration right next door!

  2. This is excellant! You truly have pushed those trees back and kept the details on the boat. Nicely done!

  3. Thank you Maria. Yes, I love this location and find inspiration all around.

  4. Thank you Nancy. I enjoyed working on this one both because I haven't used this size canvas before and because that background seemed to paint itself.

  5. I love the softness of this one, Nancy. Very nice! No, I've never heard of the "six gill shark before". Fascinating!