Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014, Oil on panel, 5" x 7", © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom
In anticipation of a new year I finally used a saved champagne cork and muselet as my prop today.

Yes, I had to look up what the wire cage on the champagne was called.  I've always just called it 'the wire thingy'.  Whoda' thunk it had a fancy name….

I hope your new year is everything you hope it to be.  Cheers !


  1. brilliant way to end the new year! Beautiful painting and I learned something new! Have a great 2014...I look forward to your posts.

  2. Thank you Maria. I like the simplicity of the two items. Maybe next time I'll put the empty champagne bottle in with the cork and muselet.

  3. Thank you Donna. What a nice thing to say. Cheers to you and 2014!