Thursday, January 24, 2013

Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

Did you notice ... I've changed the regular Art of the Sketchbook blog posts to now read the "Art of the Sketchbook - Friday"?  I was just thinking it may make it easier for those of you who regularly read my blog or those who only want to read about my sketching.

Sketchbook '96, waiting room, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

 Today I am posting a few pages of a sketch book I started back in 1996 ... I was in a waiting room at a doctors office and happened to have this particular sketchbook with me.  I always liked this sketchbook because it was hardbound and had a dust jacket.  No one around you knew it was a sketchbook.

Sketchbook '96, waiting room #2, © 2013 Nancy Van Blaricom

 It was the holiday time of year 12-14-01 and I can remember it well, the woman with short hair in the left of the sketch had brought  in her mother who was in a wheelchair for X-rays.  She looked exhausted and the string of christmas lights on the wall behind the cubical just didn't match her feelings.

The first photo is the woman's shoes as she was standing beside the wheel chair.

Here are two of my sketchbooks ... the one on top, with the blue dust jacket, is the old one I took the sketches out of this Friday.

Keep a sketchbook with you at all times, you never know when you'll get a spare moment to record something from your day.

Happy sketching ....

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