Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Art of a Sketchbook

Repetition ...

Because I sketch each day I can find it daunting to come up with a subject at hand while I sit at my desk each morning.

9 Days of Clam Shell Sketches, B & N  6" x 9", 2012 © Nancy Van Blaricom

When I am having a hard time finding something to sketch I will sometimes just repeat what ever I drew the day before.  I had a small clam shell on my desk that I used for a small shell painting and for nine days I sketched a single shell in a different pose.

Film Canisters, 6" x 9" B & N sketchbook, 2012 © Nancy Van Blaricom 

In the above photo I sketched a film canister ... for four days I sketched the same canister in either a different light or angle, or with a different pencil.

Blow Dryer, 6" x 9" B & N sketchbook, 2012 © Nancy Van Blaricom
A blow dryer I use for drying watercolor paintings ... sketched three day's in a row.

I like the looks of these sketches when they cover a full page in my sketchbook don't you?


  1. These are fun. I need to sketch more - it's been a long time.

  2. They are very good sketches too.

  3. your sketches are fabulous and show your dexterity which comes from practice. Very Nice.