Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree ...

This was a fun and fast oil painting and my intent was to do the whole painting with a palette knife and then part way through I changed my mind. 
 Oh Christmas Tree, 8" x 6" Oil on Panel, 2012, ©Nancy Van Blaricom

Back in November I introduced you to this little tree in a sketch.

Some years I put tiny white lights on it, but, this year I used it as a table decoration at the Holiday House Bazaar and I didn't think it needed anything else.  Plain and simple, straight forward with a touch of elegance with the gold pot. 

                                                      Oh Christmas Tree, 8" x 6" Oil on Panel framed, 2012, ©Nancy Van Blaricom

Even though the paint was still wet I wanted to see how it looked framed so stuck it in a black frame with the tree near-by.

I'm thinking I might add something in the lower right corner to add some balance ... or I might try painting this one again in a more serious manner ... then again maybe not and just move on the next painting.


  1. It's funny,,onnthe 2nd picture I thouht it was a mirror.
    A nice painting, in fact!

  2. It is an adorable little painting and I love that you discuss choices and change your mind. The freedom of creativity is fabulous!

  3. I love this one Nancy, just perfect. The hint of colour makes me look more closely and see more.

    I like the sense of space on the right side, it adds to the feeling of the piece. A sense of solitude to some degree, but in a good way.

    That little tree is working well for you!