Monday, September 26, 2011

My workshop with Kathleen Dunphy

6" x 8" oil

Whew, just arrived home from a three day workshop with Kathleen Dunphy in Murphys California.  Each of the three days was filled with Kathleen's generous knowledge of oils and plein air painting.  

On our first day we started out with a three hour lecture followed by mixing our paints, then after lunch we went out to paint in the warm afternoon, or should I say I attempted to paint.  Geesh, I was feeling so confident when I arrived and yet I froze with I got out in the field trying to put paint to canvas.  Okay, my first day was less than I had wanted for myself but after I gave myself a little pep talk that evening the next day was much better.  We all met at a local winery at nine the next morning and because it was pretty hot after a demo by Kathleen, I chose to set up my easel in the shade of a beautiful grape arbor facing the front of the wine tasting building.  As I started painting Kathleen came by to see how I was progressing and was pleased with how I had started and her words were just what I needed to continue and not freeze like I had the day before.  The above painting was the results of the day.  I still may do a few more things to my painting, but for the most part I was very happy with the light I caught and the shaded of the front porch.  I am thinking that now I may be able to pull the other two out of the ditch and make them better. 

I was more than happy with my three days at the workshop ...  and I think it was just what I needed to more forward with my goal of painting en plein air in oils as well as studio work using oils.  Right now my head is reeling with all the information I received.  

I hope to share more tid-bits of my trip as the week rolls along.


  1. Thanks, Nancy for sharing your experience at a Kathleen Dunphy workshop. It sounds like a great experience. She is on the top of my workshop bucket list.
    God bless,

  2. Welcome Back! I was wondering how your workshop went. Can't wait to hear more. I can really sense the light in your painting - I think you did great! I know how overwhelming workshops can be. Just realize, most everyone else is feeling exactly the same way! Just relax and have fun without worrying about making a finished painting.

  3. Beautiful Nancy! I love hearing about your workshop with Kathleen. She is one of my favorite painters and I hear she is a great instructor also. I think you did a wonderful job on this! I look forward to hearing more about your workshop with her!

  4. Great Nancy...I think a workshop is a so helpful...I got a lot out of the one I took with Frank Gardner...Just being around other painters is helpful to break bad habits...

  5. Great post, Nancy -- and welcome back! So glad to hear you enjoyed your workshop with Kathleen. This is a beautiful painting, and you should feel proud.

  6. Loe the light on the pillars. Look forward to more tidbits.