Thursday, August 11, 2011

House portraits - done.

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Here's a collage of house portraits I've completed.  I also finished two others but they are meant to be surprise gifts so it wouldn't be a good idea to show them yet on the blog.  You can see one person wanted hers to be more of an illustrated holiday theme so she could use the cards as Christmas card.  This helped break up the routine of the same-ness of this project.

It has been such a fun project and one I'd recommend to any artist.  Each portrait is 5" x 7".  I matted each one with white matt and also gave a 6 pack of cards with each portrait that they may reorder at any time for the regular price of $12.00.  I packaged the portrait and the cards in a cellophane bag and tied them with a raffia bow.


  1. These turned out wonderful! It sounded like an overwhelming task, but you did a great job. I'm sure the owners will be thrilled with their house portrait and gift cards. Well done!

  2. Wow, really neat idea, tuned out really well.

  3. Cool did a super job, I bet all the owners love this!

  4. Thanks, this project turned out to be a winner in a number of ways. It went pretty fast, considering I even had two more than I had wanted to take on and I've told everyone if they are not happy with the painting I will refund their money and no one has even hinted at wanting their money back ... and some have already ordered more cards.

    Now that this project is over I'm very anxious to get back to learning more about oil painting.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking time to comment.

  5. I sm eager to see your work in oils, my favorite medium. You will be great!

    Jane Smith

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    That was a very good job Nancy. Sometimes it is good to accept a challenge and to do something which breaks the "routine."

    Happy painting my friend !

  7. I've never done house portraits. It's a great idea to use them as note cards though.