Sunday, December 06, 2009

Too many projects to do justice to any of them....

Do you ever find you have started too many projects to do a good job on any of them? Probably not, but, I find I do this often. Such as teaching a watercolor class once a week, (this has been a great adventure for me and one that I will probably offer again in 2010) planning my next blog post (I bet you find this hard to believe since I post so seldom), thinking of what I will paint for our Christmas card this year, attempting to keep the house in some what of order and the other normal things that goes on in our lives. I need to slow down and stay focused so I can finish one project without rushing. The above snow scene has been abandoned because it isn't turning out the way I had hoped. Too rushed. Notice the branches of the largest tree ... reminds me of Alfalfa on The Little Rascals, with his hair parted down the middle, *sigh.

The group of paintings above are an accumulation of whats on my desk that are going in the 'unacceptable' pile. Most are just sketches I use in my thinking process .... but, when I look at all this work I think of all the time I've wasted and yet didn't complete a thing.
On a more uplifting note, the Harstine Island annual Holiday House Bazaar was a huge success and loved by all. Its so nice to be involved in a group effort that just overflows with success as this one does.


  1. Yep! I go gung ho and then get bored and flit off to something else. I blame my (in)attention span on my age. My "to do" list grows and grows until I tear it up and start a new one! But don't think of your sketches as "wasted" - they were important learning experiences! Congrats on your holiday open house, hope you sold some things.

  2. Deb, it's even worse than that. I am finding that the more I have on my list, the slower I go, until I'm almost in a state of shock and do absolutely nothing. Now, that habit has to come to an end!
    I have things to do *giggle.

  3. I totally understand your dilemma. Having too much on my plate makes me slow down. Yet, if I do not have a goal then I do not go forward at all.
    If you find the happy medium let me know :-)