Monday, December 21, 2009

Reminisce - a sketch from 2008

This is a little sketch I posted last December. His charming manner always brings a smile to my face, dressed prim and proper, yet so soft and adorable.

I've almost completed my list of Christmas chores and have started giving thought to what I may want to accomplish with my art in 2010. Although I usally have goals I hope to accomplish I find if I tell people, I almost always fail. Like, 'the secret's out, no use doing that now' way of thinking. I've had a successful year with my art and because of that I am feeling more confident that some of my goals will be obtainable.
What about you, care to share?
  • Are you thinking of some artist goals you'd like to accomplish this next year?
  • Are you taking stock of all that you did accomplish in 2009?

Merry Christmas


  1. The bear is cute! And yes, I've already got goals in mind and a list of what I accomplished this past year - I'll be blogging it in the new year!!! And like you - I will keep something to myself until it's a "done deal" so as not to jinx it!
    Good luck with your new year goals!

  2. The bear makes me smile too! :) Well, haven't yet figured out my 'to-do' list for new year. Hmmm... looking back, I haven't accomplished a lot in 2009 either. Perhaps, little things count too...

    Merry X'mas & Good luck to your new year plan!

  3. Looking forward to reading about your goals Deb. Thank you for stopping by, Merry Christmas.

    Hi Fenny ... your work for December is awesome and I love what I read. Indeed, little things do count .. or else I've accomplished nothing. Merry Christmas Fennymun.

  4. I missed this last year, so thanks for re-posting it, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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