Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding My Creative Mood: Trying to Get Back in the Groove

Although my last commission almost painted itself, after coming back from vacation I am finding it hard to get myself back in the art producing spirit. In order to over come my less than creative mood, I thought that in preparation of my other commission I should just paint something that I've been wanting to explore to get me creatively energized.

Back in May, I mentioned that I wanted to explore water and reflections this summer. So I looked through some photo's I had taken on our vacation and found a photograph of some water and rocks that looked challenging yet if I cropped it down it may not be impossible for me to paint. So, on the back of a used ready to throw out really awful painting, I took my pencil and roughly drew out an 8 inch square and proceeded to draw what I wanted to show in my painting.

In the first photo you can see where I've started my drawing and have started masking out the areas I wanted to keep light.
By the time I took the second photo I feel I'm feeling I'm in over my head. I knew at this point I should have added darker first washes before I took off my masking. Really get what I wanted from the start. I don't us masking too often and I think I just forgot to think during that step of my painting. I was feeling a little frustrated by then and decided to start on the rocks. Later I realized I really shouldn't have. I would have done better to continue adding depth to my water area, finish that area and then move on.

When I started working on the rocks I lost most of my pencil lines yet should have stopped and drawn them in so I wouldn't wander aimlessly. There are so many factors I should have considered ...

Below is the painting. Along side the painting you can see my photo reference. I cropped the photo about middle bottom for my painting. I'm not going to continue. It's too far gone for that, but I have accomplished finding my creative spirit once again. Just getting started at a painting seemed to make me want to keep painting. Also, because I do want to do more work involving water I'm feeling confident that I could paint this again and do a better job.
Yes, mission accomplished!


  1. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Put the painting on the mantel and peek at it in the morning, I think you might like what you see! Looks good from my view!

  2. Nancy!! Ditto Nartizt!This is absolutely GLORIOUS! great color, light, depth!!! brava!!!

  3. Are you kidding me - it is a fantastic painting - put a mat on it, sit it aside for a couple days and then take another look. If you still don't like it - send it to me! (And then have your eyes checked!)

  4. Looks GREAT to me too! I too a bunch of images similar on vacation. What a fabulous way to get yourself in the groove and still "feel" the vacation.

  5. You have every right to feel confident, Nancy this is a beautiful study of water.

  6. From where I'm sitting, that looks very beautiful. I understand about getting back into the groove after vacation though - its sooo hard!

  7. Thanks to you all for your uplifting comments. You help me to keep trying. *large smile.

  8. It looks great to me Nancy! And the most important is that you've achieved your goal with this exercise, getting into that creative stream. Now we can look forward to water paintings from you...exciting!