Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can you 'beet' this weather ...

It was another hot day here and although I haven't been doin' what I think I should be doin', playing around with watercolor on the back of some printer paper made me feel I was at least doing something in the studio today.

After we had bought some beautiful fresh beets in a local farmers market this week-end I was tempted to do a watercolor sketch... problem was I had already eaten them when I came up with this idea. Today I found a picture to work from. Whew, it's not easy once the subject is long gone. *wink


  1. I've just been pickling beetroot - by the time I'd done that I didn't feel like painting them. They are such a beautiful subject though with those wonderful shades of Maroon.

  2. Looks delicious - and I don't even like beets!

  3. Hope soon you'll be able to eat the beets Robyn, maybe even paint them. I agree, I think they are beautiful when freshly picked.

    Thanks Casey. Not sure how anyone can NOT love beets *wink.

  4. Hi Nancy, haven't seen your new work for awhile. Hope you've been fine... :)