Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Bear Sketch

Holiday Bear-Nancy Van BlaricomHoliday Bear on cardstock
Today as I go through the house picking up a few of the holiday decoration's to put back in stroage boxes, I gathered up this bear and his female counterpart that I had sitting on the couch. He's been with me a number of years and I've often thought of painting him but never took the time. Today was a great opportunity. Darn, why didn't I paint it on some nice watercolor paper? Freedom comes easier when there isn't the pressure to make it perfect, don't you agree?
Are you thinking of some artist goals you'd like to accomplish this next year?
Are you taking stock of all your accomplishments this year?


  1. Cute! You did a nice job. Yes, isn't that always the way, you loosen up and it turns out great! Too bad that doesn't happen easier.

  2. Maybe, Nancy, I should tell myself that I everything I paint is just a sketch and see what happens, *giggle. I feel very little pressure with sketches. Come on sketchbook.

  3. Hi Nancy hope you had a wonderful Holiday. Fun sketches always come so easily. Wish it was always like that.

    yes bring on the sketchbooks!

  4. great job,
    I've been putting legos together.

  5. Shea ... lego's can be a very creative medium... sounds like a nice way to end the year.

    Toni, yes, the holidays were nice to us. The snow, while not always welcome, made it beautiful here. I am thinking I'd like to do more sketching and possibly finish some of the many sketchbooks I own.

  6. Hi Nancy, me again. Just letting you know I finally posted the tag meme.

    Thank you for tagging me and sorry it took so long.

  7. Happy New Year, Nancy!

    Your Mr. Bear looks as if he could get up and dance! (Not sure why dancing came to mind, but . . .)

  8. Well done Nancy- this is so loose and full of character. I agree - if we did all our paintings like sketches they'd be better.

  9. Oh, I know what you mean--I'm always afraid I'm "not worthy" of good paper and then I get all stiff and nervous. What a charming bear! Just delightful!