Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad timing ...

This photo shows the center of the room, while the bookcase is being painted.

As you may remember, in my post earlier this year on (August 16th), I did a lot of cleaning and eliminating of unused items in my studio. I still feel as though I'm pretty crowded and want to get rid of even more stuff from the studio. I've emptied my book case and painted it white. I've left this book case unfinished for years - and now, during the holiday's, I feel the need to paint it,...bad timing. This gives the bookcase an illusion of looking like there is more space and not stopping the eye with a darker look of unfinished wood. I've also taken out my artists type drafting table to give me more room and I will try to get by with the storage table you see here to paint at. Also, I'm thinking of adding a little more color in this room with a valance over the window, leaving the walls white ... but why the urge to do this now.? All of this is really bad timing don't you think?

Hopefully soon I'll be finished with this project and it will inspire me to use my watercolors once again.

Happy Holidays


  1. I always manage to do projects like this at the most inconvenient times also. You are not alone. Maybe it just drives us to get it done.

  2. I did think of you Toni and the time you painted your wall red. It looked so awesome. I'm not that daring... not to mention my room is just way too small. Maybe just a red valance????

  3. I keep putting off cleaning all my bookcases... sigh, so I know just what you mean -- but you'll feel such relief when it's over and you'll be able to paint with abandon. Merry Christmas, Nancy!

  4. Hi Nancy, I think it's good timing ~ to clean up preparing for a fresh start. I have always wanted to tidy up my kids' room and yet never successful in doing so. hmmm.... maybe it's time to start the project now.... :)

  5. You must be very strict with your throwing away of things! We are all stuff magnets and it's truly alarming how stuff accumulates.

    As for the timing, well, probably just before the holidays seems like a bad time, but I find that the holidays work best for me because I don't have many personal obligations.

    I've recently decided that part of the creative process is cleaning up and clearing away whether I like it or not. So I try to enjoy it while I can.

    Not that you asked for advice, but — considering you're working with color in the studio — I would frown on a color valance at the window. Make the color yourself. Put up color swatches and palette combos around to look at.

    I came to visit because I see that big storm is about to hit your area. Stay safe and warm!

  6. oh, this is much harder to do than I thought ... the accumulation of junk that I "need" (yea right) is huge..... I need to be strong girls and leave sentiment out of it and start the year fresh and clean.

    That was basically a pep talk to myself. *wink

  7. I'm as unorganized as Picasso.
    Merry Christmas.