Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Belle of the ball ....

I ran upon a photo of my daughters dog Belle the other day while looking through some photo's for something to paint. Belle looked like a perfect subject, laying so calmly in front of the carpeted stairs. I decided to use a square format so I taped off a 6" x 6" on my canvas. The reference photo is on the left and you can see I must have decided to take some artistic license here with the eyes looking a little strange and the head at more of a tilt than I had intended ... *wink. I didn't use a timer with this painting. At this point I've worked on Belle about 3 hours and I still need to do a little more work, but, I'm not discouraged. I'll do a few more touch ups then I'll go back to my 1 hour paintings.

Toni who has the the most wonderful blog, "A Spattering" ,where she shares so much, has tagged me to tell 5 things that others may not know about me. 

One thing that you may not know is that I love the Northwest. The cold rainy climate like that of the west coast of British Columbia is my kind of place.
#2. For about 8 years I never wanted to learn another medium other than watercolor. Recently I've developed an interest in oil painting.
#3. The majority of the blogs in my favorites has always been oil painting blogs.
#4. I love reading about the impressionists. Their struggles fascinate me.
#5. I have a very hard time throwing out anything, because I always think I'll find some creative way to use it. I usually find some way, but seldom get to the part where I actually do the project.
I think, since I've been tagged before, I won't tag anyone this time. But, if you are reading this, and have not been tagged before, please take the initiative and tell us a few things about yourself.


  1. Thanks for sharing Nancy.
    Your painting of Belle looks great.
    Make sure you post the finished piece.

  2. Thanks Toni. It looks a little better from this distance than up close *wink. My daughter would like to have it, so I want to do the best job I can.

  3. mom, Hi! I do want it. When will it be done?

    For my birthday, I want a picture of a "Sunrise" (dawn) at the beach. EAST COAST...maybe a few palm trees. Something with a lot of reds for my bedroom so that when I look at it I feel proud of who I am, and peaceful like I do at a WARM beach!!!! I do not like cold, wet etc..... very large, like the fog painting. :) (Ask big, I always say). Dawn

  4. Hi Dawn, I've worked on the photo once again, but am afraid it may not pass inspection.

    If you want a painting of the sunrise, then you need to supply me with a photo to work from..... one of your own, it can't be one published in a magazine or book etc.


  5. Wonderful painting Nancy - I've always struggled to paint animals.

  6. This came out just great! I'm trying to push myself into quicker paintings too, inspired by you.

  7. Fun to know more about you Nancy.
    I think I want to try oils too but then I get distracted by so many other things. One day, I'll take the time and the intitiative to give it a go.

    Love Belle!


  8. beautiful portrait of a beautiful dog!

  9. Cynthia, Jana, Victoria, Bec and Mary. Thank you so much for dropping by. I've been down with this cold/flu stuff that has been going around and am so glad to report that today I felt well enough to go on my 2 mile walk. It was so nice to see signs of spring while on my walk. Birds singing, new growth on the trees and sunshine peeking through the cedars. Now it's time to get back to my art work.