Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just one of many ...

This is just one of many sketchbooks I own. I have some large ones, some very small ones, some hard bound, some soft bound, some with great quality paper, some with such poor paper I think the manufactures should be ashamed of themselves ... but my quandary is why do I start so many sketchbooks and fill very few. In fact I can only think of one that is completed. I love it ... poor quality paper and all ... because it is finished. This one has a corigated brown cardboard cover with brown paperbag type paper and appears to be hand bound. I did this drawing with some inexpensive "decorating chalks" ... or so the plastic container says. I thought it would be fun to do the whole book with little chalk drawings. There are only two sketches in this book and the date on the drawing says 10/21/03. So much for filling it up fast, huh? I'm pretty close to filling up one that I used to show the last two watercolor sketches. I'm now wondering should I fill up one of the others that is only partially full, or start yet another one.


  1. that's a beautiful little sketch! Decorative Chalk or not, it's a great quality drawing. I've felt what you're talking about with sketchbooks before. It's kind of strange, but I feel like each sketchbook has it's own life, and that life also evolves by the more I put into it. On occasion, I've felt uninspired to keep going in a book, usually it's due to poor quality paper, or that I'm just not diggin' the drawing's that I've "soiled" it with. Sometimes it really is better to just let it die and not come back to it. But it sounds like that's happening to you more than usual. A little trick I've done is sometimes cover over bad drawings with new ones that I like, that I just paste right over to cover up. The reason is because I can get discouraged by seeing some previous bad work and not want to continue. I don't know if this is a good excersize or not, but it does help me. Maybe first it would help you to figure out what is discouraging you from continuing. Maybe you simply need loose sheets of drawings that you bind up later? Or maybe you need a variety of paper in one book for something new everytime. Or maybe it's something else completely.

  2. Love the cardboard quality of the paper. And about finishing sketchbooks -- i am with you. It is far more exciting to start them!
    What a great find your blog has been!

  3. I'm the same,I have several sketchbooks and lined writing books that remain unfinished but I do gravitate back to them every once in a while so perhaps one day I will finish one of them! It doesn't really bother me though, they will finish if they will.
    Your drawing are wonderfully fine and delicate, really nice. I'm finding inspiration from anything and everything nowadays, which is wonderful! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Cheers.

  4. That's a lovely sketch. I really love the look of this one!

  5. I love this! And, I too, have wondered about the sketchbook thing--I find I am drawn to new sketchbooks, maybe we like the idea of a new, blank canvas-a fresh start?an opportunity to head in a new direction?