Friday, February 23, 2007

Hemlock branch

This little hemlock branch is what I picked up today on my walk ... I'm not sure if you can read the date, but obviously wrote it down wrong ... my computer telles me it is Friday, February 23,2007. Again the same scenario as the last sketchbook entry ... sitting in a recliner with my cat on my lap. By the time this little watercolor sketch was finished we were both annoyed.


  1. I can really feel those little sticky prickly twigs and smell the fresh evergreen fragrance coming off these, what a beautiful work!

  2. Hi Nancy, I just discovered your blog and website. Nice work! The Hemlock branch is a great little painting as is everything else I see here. I paint in oils, but really admire watercolors done well, and you do them well!

  3. this is very simple subject, yet not simple to do, and very nice.

    By the way, love the cats.

  4. hi nancy. thanks for visiting my blog. I love to pick up things on my walks and paint them too. The hemlock branch is really beautiful.
    So, no the chocolate oscars the animators get are different from Wolfgang Pucks - his are for a party favor. Ours are not "oscar" but some cartoon figure. You don't have an email address listed on your blog that I can find...