Friday, September 09, 2016

:: Lazy Autumn Days ::

Fall is definitely in the air here in Sequim.  Leaves are turning color and the warm and sunny days have a crispness to them that only fall can have.  

Maybe its just the changing of the season, but, I find I'm less inclined to hurry on to different projects. Maybe instead lay around and read or maybe take a nap.

One project I managed to accomplish was to hang two pieces of my work in my studio.
I always have to give the act of hanging any of my work a lot of thought. 
So up until yesterday my studio walls were bare.  

Below are the two that I hung.  Both is Floater Frames.

Now I have two small 6" x 6" paintings hanging on my studio wall.  It actually looks nice to have some work on the studio walls and maybe now I'll be more inclined to frame a few paintings and hang them.

Fall is a perfect time to get out and do some plein air painting.  I had ordered a few Signet Bright brushes that arrived in the mail and now I'm packing up a few panels and my tripod and pochade box in anticipation of some autumn plein air painting.

I hope the lovely fall days gets you outside and you can enjoy it before winter arrives.
Happy painting.


  1. Oh, Nancy, you are always the voice of wisdom to me! You project a peaceful persona! Thank you for wisdom to slow down!! Life is beautiful, we don't want to rush it!

  2. These look great! Have a lovely plein air session!

  3. Oh my goodness Nancy … don't ever tell the universe what plans you have.
    Seems the universe had other plans. I ended up with bursitis in my shoulder ! I'm hoping it only lasts another day or so. Its not quite the fun I was hoping for to say the least.