Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cloud Study #15

~ Cloud Study #15~
4" x 6", oil on Gessoed watercolor paper 5 1/2" x 7 1/4"

A friend sent me a beautiful morning sky photo.  That photo was the reference I used … my cloud study does not do the beautiful sky photo justice.  One day ... one day I will get better at painting skies with beautiful colors in them.


Happy Spring ...

Today, the first day of Spring, we are fortunate to have sun and daffodils.

Here in the Northwest we've been told that our summer will be warmer than normal. But, for now it is just perfect.

Hope the first day of spring is as superb as ours.


  1. I think "one day" has come.
    This is spectacular.

    And, thank you for sharing your flowers.
    Ours have broken ground, but no blooms yet.

    Glad to hear your summer is supposed to be warmer than usual. I'm so looking forward to this summer. Like never before.

  2. Nancy, I still have two feet of snow in my yard and frozen pipes. But I'm hanging in there; thanks for the daff!