Monday, October 14, 2013

Its just around the corner ...

Can you believe its already the middle of October? 

Lately I've been working towards having everything ready, well in advance, for our local holiday bazaar ...  each year its scheduled for the week-end after Thanksgiving and even though I know this I usually find that I'm still framing pieces or stuffing note cards in clear envelopes at midnight the night before. This year I've decided everything will be ready well in advance ... So far, so good. 

Each year I like to come up with something in a couple of different price range so that most anyone can afford an original piece of art for their home.  Last year I painted shells onto small 3.5" x 3.5" x 1/2" woodblocks. Each shell I painted I had found on our local beach, so each were very original.  

This year I'm working on a couple of original oil paintings I hope to finish for the show as well as another little item that might be of interest to some.  But ... until I know if it will be a good idea or not ... shhh, I'll have to keep it a secret.

Block shell paintings, oil on wood block, 3.5" x 3.5" x 1/2"
 © Nancy Van Blaricom 

Here are 4 of the 20 shell paintings I've finished for the bazaar.

On another note: Our weather has been beautiful the last couple of days & is promising to be great the rest of this week. Our local maple trees are gorgeous. Today was so pretty we decided to go to Theler Wetlands, about 24 miles away.  It was a beautiful sunny day.

These photos were taken a few years ago when we took the same trail as today.  Isn't it beautiful?

I hope your autumn weather is as good.

 Low tide in the wetland.

Beautiful colors in the marsh ... as well as a 
Grea Blue Heron sunning himself ... in the lower left hand corner.


  1. Nancy, I'm so glad I clicked to go to your blog and leave a comment....I was surprised and delighted with your new color scheme! Wonderfully neutral.

    Lovely little shell paintings, too.

  2. Thanks Donna, Still working out some things that may work with a new web-site. Lots of things to consider.

  3. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Hello Nancy,

    It seems you worked hard for your coming show/bazard like you call it.
    I hope you will have success. I am sure your little jems will be very appreciated.
    Love the autumn colors on your last photos.

    Nice week


    PS : here in the region of Paris, the weather has been warm and sunny until the beginning of october. Since a few days, the weather is really like as it must be in autumn: Cchilly, rainy and windy. I like it.

  4. You do paint the nicest shells. Our shells on the Great Lakes aren't nearly as interesting.