Friday, September 06, 2013

My taboret ...

A number of months ago I purchased this wonderful cart at a garage sale in hopes of using it as a taboret  in my studio.  It works wonderfully. It glides across the floor so smoothly you wouldn't believe it, and look, it has 4 large drawers to store a lot of goodies in.

My taboret ...

My taboret cart neatly put away when not in use...
When I'm not using the taboret I am able to keep it at the end of my all purpose table with my brushes, most used tubes of paint and my palette sitting on top of it.

It has nice big drawers to store art supplies ...
Taboret almost in place....
When I am using the taboret I turn it sideways in front of my easel along with my palette. 

In order to paint from this distance I need to hold my brush by the end (not close to the ferrel) just to reach the painting.   I don't know if I would ever have been able to make that a habit with out the aid of my taboret.

Taboret in front of easel ...

In place and ready to start using it ...

What about you ... do you have a taboret?  Do you use it like I do, in front of you to help remind you to paint by holding the end of your brush?


  1. Some day I will have one. Instead I just keep setting things up around the house trying to find the best spot.

  2. Always fun to collect things we need or want isn't it? Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find just the right thing soon.

  3. So much fun to see other set ups, other studio spaces! Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

  4. I agree Donna ... Always fun to see other artist studios.
    So, what do you use for a taboret?

  5. Hi, im a Blue Frog going through University. I really like this with the wheels an all. I've got a blue one.
    Nice set up to paint. Keep up the good work.

  6. I love seeing the way artists set up their spaces. yours looks wonderful.

  7. Thank you Tim and Maria for taking the time to reply to my blog post. I also enjoy seeing other peoples work stations and tools of the trade. Always fun!