Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Art of a Sketchbook - Friday

Most of my sketches are done in a sketchbook, but other times, like when I forget to take a sketchbook with me, I will find a scrap of paper and do my sketching on that.

Recently while off on the boat I realized I had done just that. I had forgot to bring a a sketchbook or a pencil.   In this case I found a scratch pad I had aboard that I had previously made from quartering sheets of unwanted printer paper and stapling them together. Fortunately I also found an ink pen stashed away in a drawer. 

Below you'll see the gorgeous sunset we saw while we were on the boat as well a a couple of sketches.

Looking west as we sat in the cockpit enjoying a glass of wine.

I sketched these shell pieces i found while on the beach and the one below was a sketch I did from down inside the cabin looking out.  

Neither are anything special, but represent the fact that if I really feel like sketching, not having my sketchbook along isn't a good excuse.

Happy sketching!


  1. This sunset is gorgeous! Lucky you to be on your boat to enjoy it. Also, I'm glad you found paper and pen for sketching. It sounds like you had fun.

  2. The views are heavenly!!! and I do love your resourcefulness!

  3. Ah, yes!
    You ARE relaxing now!!

  4. Thank you Linda, yes, lots of summer fun!

    Maria, aren't all artists resourceful ... Just part of our DNA right? Yes we do have some beautiful areas here in the Pacific Northwest.

    Hi Donna ... And I do it soooooo very well, relaxing that is.