Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Art of a Sketchbook

The Art of a Sketchbook...

You probably think with all I had going on these last couple of months that I didn't do any sketching. Not true! In fact I have started a new positive habit where when I first come into my studio I do a sketch.  It need not be anything specific, just sketch what ever I want.

Clothes Pins, on 5.5" x 8.5" sketchbook paper, graphite © Nancy Van Blaricom

Some days it's only a sketch of a clothes pin and then repeated the next day.  Occasionally, depending on my mood, I may only do a gesture drawing, taking less than 2 minutes.  But, since July I have almost religiously sketched each day.

Sketchbook purchased at Barnes & Nobel

It feels amazing to have started a positive habit with my art. I love beginning my day this way.  By sketching each morning it gets me excited to go paint.   Give it a try maybe after your first cup of coffee or after breakfast, go grab your sketchbook and just commit to a 5 - 10 minutes sketch a day.  You'll love it.

I also wanted to share with you the latest sketchbook I purchased at Barnes & Nobel.  I found this in with all their Bargain Priced books.  It cost me $4.98 with a suggested retail price of $12.95 and I love it.  The paper size is about 8.5" x 5.5" and there must be at least 200 pages.  The paper seems a little thicker than most sketchbooks which I like so you can't really see through to the back of the page.   They also had different sizes, but I didn't pay attention to sizes or cost.  

So next time you are in the market for a sketchbook look at your local Barnes & Nobel.


  1. Absolutely. I am trying to get into the mode of doing a little sketching every day myself. The only problem I run into is that I might plan on spending only 10-15 minutes on some sketches and end up spending an hour or more. Now, there's nothing wrong with spending an hour or more on drawing, but these aren't supposed to be finished pieces of art, worthy of hanging on the wall. Like that apple I drew the other day. Supposed to be a five to ten minutes sketch and an hour later I had a completed drawing.

    Oh the life of an artist. I just don't know when to put down the brushes and pencils. ;)

    Love your clothes pins by the way.

  2. Good to see you blogging again, Nancy! Sorry to hear about the hard things this summer.

    Your shells are beautiful and I'm sure they will be a top seller in any venue you have them. Each is a precious gem.

    Thought of you when we circumnavigated Harstine Island earlier this month. We anchored for the night near McMicken Island. We never came on to the island, though, or I would have contacted you. Beautiful place! I can understand why you love living there. All the best! Katherine

  3. good suggestion about the bargain sketchbook at B&N and nice clothespins...keep the sketching coming!