Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've made a decision ...

In my last blog post I asked for help in naming my painting of a barn.  I had painted the barn during a workshop in California last summer. Sylviane gave me what I thought was a great suggestion when she said "Sure,it's hard to name something after, but if you know where it was, you can give the place's name, for instance, or invente one?".  How simple is that?  Well, it sounded simple when I first thought about it.  I was at a workshop and we were painting from an old school yard in Douglas Flat.  That didn't sound too good to me.  "Douglas Flat Barn".  Kinda boring sounding to me, but then I decided that since my workshop was really in  Murphys I decided to title it "Murphys Barn".  That sounds pretty good doesn't it?  Thank you Sylviane that was a perfect solution and one I hope I will remember to use when needed.

~Click to enlarge ~
Other news I want to share with you is that this coming March 17th, (yes, thats St. Patrick's Day), I will be teaching a Watercolor Workshop here at Harstine Island.  The woman's club is offering 7 different classes to the public and I was fortunate to be asked to teach that day.  If you can join us make sure and call the phone number listed to reserve your spot.


  1. Enjoy the teaching! You'll love it! You learn a lot, too, by talking about what you know.

  2. Thanks Pam. I've taught a couple of watercolor classes before and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gives me a chance to see some new people and like you say learn by talking about what I know. Good stuff all around !