Saturday, October 01, 2011

Overwhelming ...

8" x 6" oil - unnamed 

On the third day of Kathleen Dunphy's workshop we were to paint water. I ended up focusing on the greens of the trees and I became so confused.  All the greens seemed to run together.  Now in the studio with my reference photo, which was a poor photo, I find its still too confusing to me. And working on the painting today is not improving it.   I think I need to pick a bush or two, but not a whole forest yet ... 
Time to move on to another painting.

A bit of humor for you: 
While we gone the last five weeks we stopped at both Yosemite National Park and Crater Lake National Park.  Both parks ask you to store your food in bear safe containers.  At Crater Lake National Part this is a sign we saw as we entered the campground ... Someone had a great sense of humor and put a stuffed bear on the sign. 


  1. You are doing great, I think! Sorry about the palette, but that's a lesson you will never forget! And sometimes mistakes are the best way to learn.

  2. Thank you Deb. I agree .. I've learned! I appreciate your encouraging words.... thanks for dropping by.

  3. Your post made me ask just how long I had left paint on my own palette! Looks like you learned a lot at the workshop. Thanks for sharing!

  4. you did a good job on that water---simply stated, you should be pleased