Sunday, February 28, 2010

Following the Masters - Robert Henri

My painting of Marine Storm Sea after Robert Henri

On the blog Following the Masters this month Michelle has given us the opportunity to paint from Robert Henri's paintings. Although I have his book The Art Spirit, I had not really looked at his work much before. I ended up loving the painting I chose, "Marine Storm Sea". Before I finished the two studies and my interpretation of this painting I was sure I could feel the surge of Mr. Henri's sea.

(above) Robert Henri's Marine Storm Sea

a pencil value sketch as well as a watercolor and some white gouache

I swear to you every time I take a photo of my work it looks different, like I've changed the settings such as the lighting settings ... and I have not. Any suggestion's?


  1. Beautiful Nancy
    I haven't been checking my blogs lately...That seascape is some gorgeous..will be back on a more regular basis for sure!

  2. What a great idea - I spent my morning working on a seascape and so really enjoyed seeing this. I think that copying the masters is a wonderful way to make progress. Maybe once I get through this landscape thing.....

  3. what gorgeous paintings -- Robert Henri's and YOURS!!! Sounds like "Following the Masters" is a site to check out.

  4. Your sea's painting have a great expression, u should made more :)