Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Not quite finished ...

Beach Swing Beach Rope Swing - 10.5" x 15" gessoed 300lb coldpress watercolor paper

This is a painting I briefly talked about having started back in March on the 17th. Today after working on it awhile I see I'm starting to obsess about every little detail, so for now I'll stop.

This paper came from a block that had not been properly sized and watercolor is absorbed immediately... instead of throwing it away I decided I'd gesso the front and see if I couldn't be used that way. I think I'm finally getting the hang of it ... but need to remember that the paint doesn't sink in at all now ... making it easy to lift off.


  1. yes..I've used that technique of gesso also. It is extremely forgiving!
    Artist Don Getz has a video that explores its use in watercolor called : "Positves & Negatives Watercolor on Gesso"

  2. I enlarged the photo and wow...gorgeous and it's still a work in progress! I really like the rope--it sets the mood for the painting--summer fun and relaxation is what I feel.

  3. I enjoyed my attempts with watercolor and gesso as well - there's a fredom in knowing you can redo everything, but it's difficult to get the color to stick. Wonderful job on this, Nancy!

  4. Thank you Helen for the Don Getz video ... that was fun to watch.

    Hi Kelly, you always say the nicest things. Kids play on that swing from spring until it gets too cold in the winter. As soon as it starts wearing, it is soon replaced... it is so fun for the kids.

    I'll probably end up gessoing the rest of this block of paper Casey... but with the next one I'll make sure and not be so abstract with my brush strokes. It is fun, and oh so forgiving.

  5. Hi Nancy, so glad to see your other piece of impressive watercolour! nice colours and details indeed. :)

  6. Thanks Fenny. I'm still working at it ... not sure where it's going, but will update the blog soon for another show and tell.