Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sketch: Near Chesapeake and Lagoon

Near Chesapeake and Lagoone-Nancy Van Blaricom
Near Chesapeake and Lagoon, 4" x 4 "
watercolor sketch on Arches scrap
This house looked cozy with a light dusting of snow covering the roof and ground. I seldom draw buildings but sketching and telling myself 'no pressure' made this fun to get on paper. After, looking at it on-line I'm not sure now if I was able to properly indicate snow. Also, the odd shaped roof and the angle I took the reference photograph made the perspective a challenge ... but, I really had fun painting this.
This is another scrap of paper I had taped to the same piece of foam-core as the last sketch. After painting these two sketches I'm finding these small scraps of paper are fun paint on and allow me to lighten up and paint more loosely. I'm now looking through my paper pile to find more.


  1. another piece of lovely watercolour sketch! looks calm and quiet and cozy. ;)

  2. Thank you fennymun, actually it was cozy and calm. But those thoughts left us after about a week of the snow.