Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This is amazing ...

Geranium, a watercolor sketch by Nancy Van Blaricom Geranium watercolor sketch

Aprox. 6" x 4"

Noooo, not that this little watercolor sketch is amazing ... it's not. Although I did enjoy myself sitting outside in the fall sunshine sketching this poor sad geranium (ok, I took creative license and added a 3rd bloom). Again, I used the back of an old watercolor painting I had cut into smaller pieces. (I'm finding it very freeing to paint on used paper.... go figure).

What is amazing is this beautiful flag painting done by Deb Ward .

Deb Ward Flag painting

It is approximately 11" x 8" and it arrived yesterday in the mail. On September the 1st, she wrote "I will put up some photos of my class demo paintings with a short description of them. And they will go on a first come, first served basis". So, I wrote her with my name and address and next thing you know I received this great painting in the mail. It truely is a beautiful work and it will serve me well to strive to become better. Thank you SO much Deb. I love it.


  1. Glad you like it, Nancy! The point was to meet someone new, and I did! I've added your blog to mine and will be checking it frequently! I love all of your small watercolor sketches.
    Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Oh Deb ... it was such a coincidence, I had followed your link from another blog and thought, wow, I'll bookmark this blog... and low and behold the rest is history. I'm thrilled to have found your blog and look forward to seeing more of your great work. Its nice to have found a new friend.

  3. Oh Nancy!! I LOVE LOVE your geranium -- not sad in the least -- very painterly andloose and yet vivid and beautiful!! And the flag too IS amazing! Looks like it'll flutter with the softest breeze!! BRAVA to BOTH of you!

  4. BOTH of those paintings are beautiful! Such different styles but both really move me. Wonderful! And appropriate for today, too...

  5. That is awesome Nancy both the gift and your little painting.

  6. Both paintings are fantastic, Nancy!

  7. Hi Nancy! This is a wonderful watercolor sketch! Using old paper or recycled paper seems to take the "pressure" off I think..