Monday, August 11, 2008

Canoes at Rest, am I done yet?

Canoes at Rest progress shot When I work on a larger painting (I think anything 15" x 22" and up is large for me) I need to set the painting aside for a few days and analyze whats working and whats not.

In the first photograph you see my painting with a white mat around it, my black and white photo reference and my value strip to the side. At this point I decided to leave it alone and not touch it again for awhile. Canoes at Rest- Nancy Van Blaricom
Today after giving it some more thought I decided to add some more value to the middle front area... showing more shadow of the trees overhead. I also worked on the grass between the breakwater and the water. I'm still not sure its complete, but then again, when do you know it's time to leave it alone?


  1. Nancy, oh hon, how I endlessly struggle with the same issues .. and wind up making myself a bit crazy. I so often wish for a 'guidance art angel' on my shoulder to yes -- YES,you're done! Or Add more darks there" ...!!! I think this is splendid!!! AND Done! The light in the trees is beautiful, and contrasts well with the water and the bright canoes. I think you did an outstanding job on the reflections and water too. WELL DONE!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Lin. Each painting has it struggles doesn't it? I assume after my 5,000 I'll just breeze through them full of confidence and with out a care in the world. *wink.

  3. Just thought I would pop in and say hi and it is nice to see things have been going good for you.

    I like the reflections on the water in this painting.

  4. Nancy! Thanks for finding me again - your postcard is my favorite of the three that I had framed from the postcard project - a woven basket filled with purple flowers.

    Glad to see you're still painting, too!

  5. Just want to stop by to say hi and let you know that I'm back to bloggings somehow. Am glad to visit again your works and ideas posted up here. :)

  6. Nancy the painting is awesome. I love how you did the trees in the background. Trees are where I struggle the most. What kind of watercolor paper do you like to use?

  7. Great painting...definitely looks finished to me!

  8. Great hearing from you Jafa girl, your work is always inspiring to me ... makes me feel laZy, but it does inspire me *smile.

    Angela, I feel like we've had a mini reunion. I'll check back often. I'm so glad one of my works is one hanging on your wall. You certainly made my day.

    Fennymun..... where you been girl-friend? Your new blog looks great.

    Hi Toni, thank you. I like the over all look, but seems a little too heavy to me. (are artists every satisfied?) I almost always use 140 lb cold press - Arches as a rule. I like the 300 lb. also,but use it less often.

    Hey, Celeste, thank you. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. It is tough to know when to call it a day and say it is finished, but I think you nailed this one.
    thanks for sharing the pics from the lavender festival too, it looks like you had lots of great work to show, (and without a little wind, it wouldn't be as much fun, huh?)
    keep up the great work,

  10. I think setting work aside is a smart idea and one I forget to do from time to time.

    It helps to put some distance for a time to make better adjustments later.

    I think your painting looks terrific!