Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 more 1 - hour paintings

I decided to do an oil and a watercolor today, both using a photograph I had oiltaken last year on the beach. It was a warm day, but on the gray side, with the wind blowing a little. This is the kind of day we see often. It is a rather unemotional landscape I think.

The first painting is a one hour oil. I was way off on my values of the tree's and bushes... well, the beach also.
I have decided I need to do my color charts if I'm going to continue to try oils. I can figure out my colors pretty well with watercolors, watercolorbut the oils are a tough medium for me to use accurately and not "waste" the oil paint. Geesh, I'm wondering if they even make enough white paint, the way I seem to use so much of it.

The second one is a one hour watercolor. I definitely felt more comfortable. The finished painting may not reflect it, so I think it was just because I was use to handling the medium.
This bottom photo is my reference photo.
original photo reference
So, tomorrow I'll tackle some color charts.


  1. Hello Nancy-
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I thought I would return the visit. Don't give up on the oil painting. If you don't mind, I would suggest that you go back and add some sky color into the trees and distant hills and the beach near the horizon. That will give you more of the emotion you are looking for and correct the values you mention. The painting will be charming.

  2. Nancy! Both of these are terrific! I don't know a thing about oils -- but I like what you've accomplished -- and the watercolor reminds me of warm summer days on the beach ..... Truly well done!

  3. I like the colors in the sky in the first one good job!

  4. looks awfully familiar!! I think it is lovely. There is something about the color of the's a color you only see in the northwest...I love it.

  5. Your water color feels a little more spontaneous, but, maybe that's owing to the fact that you feel more comfortable with the medium?

    I like both of your paintings, and think that if someone was familiar with that spot, they would have an emotional connection to the painting.

  6. Peter thank you for your suggestion's I will remember these for my next landscape painting - which I'm hoping to do a lot more of. Thanks.

    Lin, well, maybe a slight exageration... the "truly wlll done", but I appreciate the vote of confidence you always are able to give me.

    Elio ... how nice of you to stop by. I'd love for you to one day address on your blog "brush strokes" I enjoy how us use so few brush strokes to convey the object you are painting ... and the direction of the brush stroke. I don't realize until I've put down the brush for the day that the brush stroke would have been better going a diff. direction. So much to learn.....

    Hey Carol ... so glad it looks familiar, I knew I didn't make that scene up in my head. *wink.

    Thanks Cynthia. In about a year I'll give this landscape another try ... see if I can't do it justice.

  7. Hi Nancy
    I like the fact that you showed both oil and watercolor. I have never worked with oil and wouldn't know where to begin. the watercolor is fresh and loose. Thanks for also showing us the reference photo.