Monday, October 01, 2007

Autumn leaves

unfinished - Autumn Leaves
I had found some pretty autumn leaves on my daily walk that had fallen from some huge maple trees. They were so pretty I wanted to capture the colors before the leaves dried and the colors faded. In this photograph you can see the leaves are starting to emerge. These are not necessarily the colors I saw on each leaf ... but I thought I'd take come creative license here and just let the bright colors fall. I'll post my finished painting when I finish.
I love the fall gold and orange leaves that Toni Kelly
has one her blog heading. Tony is a wonderful watercolorists and calligrapher. She is such a creative inspiration.


  1. thanks Nancy!

    your colors are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished piece. Are you familiar with negative painting? that is how the fall leaves were done on my header.
    It appears from your photo that is how you are painting your leaves.

  2. LOVELY LOVELY!! I especially like the random colors!