Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back from vacation ...

I've just returned from a 12 day camping vacation - attending a family reunion, and visiting friends along the way. When we stopped in towns I made sure and visit the local art gallery's. I think its fun to see what the local talents are doing. The last place we camped was Cape Disappointment Campground in Washington, close to the mouth of the Columbia River. The nearest town is Ilwaco Washington which is a small fishing community at the mouth of the Columbia River. While there I was so surprised to find one of the nicest art gallery's I've ever been in called the Shoalwater Cove Gallery . It was beautifully remodeled with items strategically placed where you'd like them if you were an artist who had work showing there. Easy to navigate through this large gallery. The person who was working that day (it was a Sunday) greeted us almost immediately yet went on about working in the Gallery. If you are ever in that area I highly recommend you stop by to see the gallery and look at the beautiful work they have on display.

This photo is of Cold Water Cove where we were able to take a 4 mile hike around the lake and the camps were very private. The day was beautiful and the water clear and a beautiful turquoise color.
Camping Vacation
One of the areas we camped was along the McKenzie River. This is beautiful. We camped where the river was rushing by our camp-site and river rafters would occasionally go by. This is the only place where I took time to sketch.

Rushing Water

I know this isn't a very good sketch ... it's suppose to show the river rushing over and around the rocks that were in the center of the river in front of our camp. I had trouble showing moving - rushing- water. Also the colors just do not show up in this scan.

Alder tree and leaf

The above sketch, while is does show up better, just doesn't do the colors justice. This was an alder tree along the river bed at our camp. The colors were pretty with the sunlight on some of the leaves. I tried to capture the color of a fallen leaf that came down by where I was sketching.

Now that I'm home my list of art projects is long. There are still two more Saturdays that the Farmers Market is open, shows to enter, prints to frame for month long hanging period at the local hospital, plus a commission.

It's fun to go .... but so nice to be home.


  1. Welcome home Nancy.
    I think your leaf shows the colors quite well.

  2. WELCOME HOME!! On the contrary, Nancy, I LOVE these sketches .... loose, lively, filled with motion!!! I hope you have more to post!