Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another day at Farmers Market

This lady looking at my cards is a vendor who was all sold out at the
end of the two hours, her empty table is to her back.

Here is the last of the remaining tables, along the same row as mine that were yet to be taken down on Saturday. This time I was fortunate to be using a borrowed white canopy. Some of the two hours were bright sunshine, then other times, dark clouds. Sales were about the same as my first Saturday at the Farmers Market. Very good, considering most of my friends had dropped by that first Saturday. This Saturdays sales were mostly from strangers. I enjoyed visiting with my customers and feel I made some new friends by being able to spend some time with a few.
I thought I'd mention a novel I've been reading and am just about to finish. The title is CHASING CE'ZANNE by Peter Mayle. Its about a stolen painting by Cez'anne and a forgery put in its place by the owner ... It is a fast read and one easy to get into. For some reason, this is the time of year that I can really get into reading novels and other books about artists. CHASING CE'ZANNE is my first book to kick off the season.
I wonder, what should I choose to read next ......


  1. Poor faceless lady! (just kidding). It looks like a nice set up and it's good to hear (and not surprising) you're doing well with your sales there.

  2. Glad to hear another Farmer's market weekend went well. It looks like you have a nice set up and I can relate to your comment about being happy to sell to strangers.

  3. That is so cool that the Farmers Market is working out.

  4. It really is nice that the local farmers market is so close AND only two hours long.

    Yes, cynthia, I was pleased to sell to all my friends, but ... its nice to sell to someone who doesn't feel like they NEED to buy because you are a friend.

    Thanks Jana, Cynthia and Jafabrit... keep those kind thoughts coming.....