Saturday, August 28, 2010

My apologies ...

I can't believe how long it's been since I updated my blog. I shouldn't have neglected it but I felt after working on the illustrations for the children's book for so long I was in need of getting away from any pressure I might put upon myself to get something accomplished. I've had a wonderful two months and am now ready to get back to painting.

Below you can see two preliminary sketches I've done for my next project. You can see the original photo I am using as a reference in the archives on the right side of the blog, dated July 23, 2009, (More on this subject in the next paragraph). On the left of this photo is a color sketch - using watersoluble crayons...CARAN d'ACHE. I haven't used them much and they will take a little getting use to, but, they did help me get a sense of color value for the project. Then there is a pencil sketch and also some watercolor test swatches. I need to get busy with this as there is a show coming up in October I'm hoping to enter.

Preliminary work-Nancy Van Blaricom
Preliminary work for painting
Something I hope to run by you other bloggers ... As you may have read here before, I have the old classic blogger template and I keep thinking I need to update my blog. Such as having my archives listed differently.... geesh this is such a pain to have them listed this way. Also making other changes to the sidebars. I just don't want to have to go in and fiddle with this blog, I want an easier way. Can any of you coach me? I'm a nervous Nelly thinking of the things I could lose. I'm not sure completely starting over is really a bad thing, you know, getting rid of some things I wish were not here, but, I'd rather be the judge of that instead of randomly lose stuff. So, can any of you help me?

Again sorry to have been away for so long. But I'm back now and I hope to be posting a lot more often.


  1. Nancy, blogger's new design button navigates you through the option without losing anything. You can change the way the page looks, the color of the page, background and lettering for @ area. You can even pick the font. All the changes is the look. I have changed the color and page set up when the program 1st came out and again last week when I wanted the flow of the page to be different. Have fun playing!

  2. It was so thoughtful of you to notice that I'd gone AWOL that I figured I should return the compliment. Being a painter is sometimes very isolating; thank heaven for friends, yes?

  3. Nancy, I doubt you will loose anything. I say give it a go. I never lost anything. Of the things I did was played with a test blog. You can create a blog and make it private and ay with the settings to get used to it. Then once you know them you can do the same to your public blog.
    Have some fun with it.

  4. Are you home or still on the boat? love the sketch. I love the little seal pups - Ryan doesn't since they eat all the fish he is trying to catch....

  5. Nancy I changed mine and it was pretty easy. I didn't like it and changed back to the same style. Now I really think I need to change it again. I think it might be like moving furniture. :-)It is a pain but we seem to do it anyway.

  6. Thank you all for responding to my blog issue. I am not really unhappy with the way it looks... okay, maybe I could do something a little more creative, but my biggest problem is not being able to have my posts go from one to the other at the end of a page. Such as having 7 or so posts and then no more and no arrows or words saying 'previous' etc. Sooo I'm going to go forward and do as you've suggested. I'll give it a try. uh, do I sound as timid as I feel? *grin. I can do this, I can do this........ deep breaths.

    Yes, CarolLee we are home.... a wonderful two months with great warm sun-shinney weather. Now back to the easel.