Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you ready for a new decade as well as a new year?

From my watercolor journal/sketchbook
I'm starting out this new year with some big changes. I've switched to a Mac! I was tired of always having to stop what I was doing and re-boot or some foolish time wasting thing. I've only heard great things, from other artists, about a Mac and I am more than ready to make the switch. I've spent the last week moving from my PC to the Mac and now only need to spend some time becoming familiar with how things work.

This is a sketch I did minutes ago in my watercolor sketchbook. I'll journal later, but I wanted to make sure and end this year with a blog post.... so I had to hurry.

Lately I've been reading from some older magazines about artists, past and present, and I'm hoping to share some of what I've been reading with you. Reading about other artists always gets me motivated.... how about you?

I hope you all have had as good a year as I've had.
Here's to 2010, may it be all we wish. Cheers!

Happy New Year !


  1. thats a really good sketch!

  2. Cheers, Nancy! The sketch is a perfect way to end the year--you will love the Mac!
    Happy New Year and Happy Painting!

  3. Nancy Happy New Year! you are going to so love your new iMac. :-) Yea!!

  4. Happy New Year to you Nancy
    good luck with the mac. I just switched last year and love it.
    Have to take some classes though. The process is lengthy but worth it!

    All the best in creating beautiful art and your life for 2010


  5. I am a Mac person through and through. You will love it, I promise. Happy New Year Nancy--I love your Mac Watercolor!

  6. Happy New Year Nancy! I am waiting to hear how the MAC does for you. My goal is to own one some day.

  7. Happy new year with MAC! I've been using MAC at home ever since I got married but have to use PC in office. You'll love it!

  8. Happy New Year, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by the old blog . . . which, hopefully, will be up and running in about a week.

    A Mac, eh?

    I build and maintain my own PCs, so seldom have any problems. The key to having a healthy, happy PC is knowing it -- inside and out!

    I'll be interested to see how your Mac journey progresses. Definitely a new start for a new year!

    Hope you're well, and will talk to you soon!

  9. Thank you Mad Hannah, best of wishes for your new blog. I appreciate your nice comments.

    Thank you Faye, Toni, Vicky, Celeste and Fennymun. Your comments help me to know I've done the right thing by switching from the pc to the mac. Thanks.

    WJ.... no way am I ever gunna build my own pc. I had a hard enough time building a web-site *wink. But, we need people like you who really help those of us who can't do anything for ourselves, if you know what I mean.

    Gaylynn, I felt like you, so I started talking to Santa earlier in the year ... not that Santa wanted to hear it, but, I must have been a good girl last year, *giggle. I'll keep you posted to how I do with the switch. So far so good.

  10. Cheers to you Nancy...and your new Mac! You'll love it!!!!